The complex of legal services of our specialists will ensure that certain real estate transactions comply with the requirements of national and international legislation, which will allow to achieve the maximum economic effect from the realization of your projects.

Services in the field of real estate operations:
* Full property inspection;
* Provision of legal opinions;
* Preparation of a package of documents for the execution of contracts;
* Development and conclusion of real estate transactions;
* Representation of client’s interests at meetings, negotiations, etc.;
* Representation of client’s interests in state control bodies;
* Protection of clients’ interests in courts of all instances and jurisdictions;
* Advice on taxation in case of purchase, sale, lease or other actions with the real estate;
* Advice on investing in real estate objects;
* Advice on land legislation.

LEZO LAW Company will quickly, qualitatively and professionally advise on any issues related to real estate and land plots.