LEZO LAW Company Strategic Thinking and Careful Attention to all the details, will provide reliable protection for your corporate security, regardless of the company’s ownership.

Corporate Security Services:
• Providing legal opinions and legal advice on corporate security issues;
• Legal audit of the company, analysis of possible risks in its activities;
• Development and implementation of internal documents of the company, which will strengthen the security of business in general and owners separately;
• Development of a strategy of protection in case of attack on business;
• Representation of the company’s interests in courts;
• Representation of the company in controlling, state and law enforcement agencies;
• Protection of lawyers within criminal cases;
• Attorney’s participation in any investigative actions (searches, interrogations, temporary access to things and documents, etc.) regarding the company, its management and owners;
• Return of the property seized by the investigator to the owners;
• Protection and counteraction to the raider capture of the company;
• Return of ownership of corporate rights.

LEZO LAW COMPANY Your personal legal doctor, which eliminates possible attacks on business. Our duty is communication with law enforcement, controlling bodies and state institutions. We will protect the interests of the company, its business reputation and the interests of business owners.