Fruitful and ineradicable cooperation with the state executive service at different levels, as well as cooperation with private executors, combined with teamwork experience, is the engine of real and actual execution of the court decision in favor of our client.


* Representing the interests of the debtor and creditor in the framework of open executive proceedings;

* Control over the actions of the state or a private performer in order to avoid violating the rights of the client

* Appealing against actions of a public or private contractor;

* Departure of lawyers and attorneys of the company to perform executive actions in conjunction with a public or private executor;

* Implementation of the relevant proceedings in the framework of the enforcement proceedings to achieve a result for the client;

* Initiation and search for property, cash and other assets of the debtor;

* Bring perpetrators to justice in case of violation of the enforcement process.

The LEZO LAW Company will provide adequate support to the enforcement proceedings. In case of legal assistance to the creditor client: it will help to quickly and efficiently find the assets of the debtor, arrest and carry them out.

In the case of legal assistance to the debtor client: protection against unlawful actions of the state executor and the development of a legal mechanism to protect the debtor’s assets.