The system approach to each individual case, as well as the partnership with arbitration managers, creates the preconditions for providing qualified legal assistance to both the debtor and the lender during the bankruptcy of the enterprise.


  • Analysis and evaluation of the financial condition of business and assets of the enterprise;
  • Developing a strategy of actions and realization of a plan of measures for the owners of the insolvent company and for creditors of the insolvent enterprise;
  • Conduct consultations on bankruptcy issues and provide relevant legal opinions;
  • Protection of the interests of the debtor or the lender in the negotiations on problematic debts both at the pre-trial stage and at the trial stage;
  • Participation in the procedure of the debtor’s rehabilitation;
  • Preparation of procedural documents within the framework of the bankruptcy procedure;
  • Controlling the activities of the arbitration manager (property manager, sanitation manager and liquidator);
  • Appeal against the actions of the arbitration manager;
  • Legal support of alienation of assets;
  • Appeal of court decisions.

Lawyers of LEZO LAW Company will provide professional and qualitative legal assistance to the creditor or debtor in the bankruptcy proceedings of the company.