Due to an individual approach to each Client, we guarantee professional legal protection and legal protection of your business. We propose a creative approach to each individual deal in order to eliminate possible risks, obtain maximum returns and provide legal security guarantees.

Services within the scope of subscriber legal support of business include:

  • Legal advice of a lawyer or a lawyer on civil, economic, tax, labor law, intellectual property rights, civil, administrative and economic process, as well as on other legal issues;
    Legal analysis of documents provided by the client;
  • Preparation of legal conclusions;
  • Provision of legal clarifications;
  • Development of legal documentation;
  • Analysis of contractors, including preliminary review of counterparty by open source, analysis of received information, as well as verification of powers of authorized counterparty entities;
  • Participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • Preparation of queries and informational letters;
  • Legal support of any transactions;
  • Support of registration of legal entities and changes to constituent documents;
  • Representation of business interests by lawyers of the company in courts of all instances and jurisdictions;
  • Representation of interests before all state bodies;
  • Extras of the advocate if necessary, etc.

Advantages of professional legal customer service:

  • Multifunctional services;
  • Maximum speed of accomplished tasks;
  • Effective solution of any issues in the field of legal relations;
  • Simplification of budget planning at the expense of a fixed monthly fee;
  • Getting timely legal assistance that avoids global business challenges in the future.

We will create an individual package of subscriber legal services based on the needs and wishes of your business!