The combination of the experience, professionalism, ambition and potential of our team is a guarantee of a high-quality and efficient representation of the client’s interests in the courts of all jurisdictions, arbitrations and arbitration courts, confirming the numerous victories of the team’s lawyers in multi-million dollar disputes.

Key categories of litigation:

  • Household disputes;
  • Administrative disputes;
  • Civil disputes;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Family disputes;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Disputes with public authorities;
  • Disputes in banking and finance law;
  • Disputes on the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of contracts;
  • Disputes regarding the recognition of property rights and other property rights;
  • Disputes concerning real estate;
  • Disputes in cases of administrative offenses;
  • Disputes on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Our services include:

  • Legal audit of documents;
  • Develop a strategy to protect your rights;
  • Provision of legal opinion;
  • Participation in negotiations to resolve the conflict;
  • Collection of evidence by attorneys, including by sending relevant lawyer inquiries;
  • Preparation of lawsuits and their submission to court;
  • Preparation of all necessary procedural documents during the consideration of the case;
  • Representation by your attorneys of your interests in court;
  • Appellate and cassation appeal decisions;
  • Submission of applications to international tribunals and support of relevant processes;

LEZO LAW Company team of lawyers individually, meaningfully and creatively approaches each individual case and will always help protect your violated rights and interests!