Our unusual approach to solving each problem is a key to determining the most effective way to get the desired result for dealing with a problem asset of different difficulty categories. Our specialists will provide a professional legal services package that will help you achieve your goal.

Our team has significant experience in protecting the assets of small, medium and large businesses, and has repeatedly represented the interests of creditors in complex processes for recovering debts from debtors. We protect the interests of clients in the courts of all jurisdictions and instances, the state executive service, and private enforcement agencies.

We represent the interests of the debtor and the lender at all stages of working with a problem asset. We object to the procedures for illegal registration of title to real estate, illegal sale of property from trades, unlawful seizure of assets of business entities, accompanying cases of bankruptcy, etc.

Services within the framework of work with problem assets:

  • Pre-trial settlement of a dispute (conducting negotiations between a client and an opponent);
  • Legal audit of documents;
  • Provision of legal opinion;
  • Development of a strategy for protecting the interests of the debtor’s assets;
  • Development of a strategy to protect the interests of the creditor;
  • Definition and application of an effective mechanism for protecting client rights;
  • Representation by clients of client interests in courts of all instances and jurisdictions;
  • Protection of interests in the state executive service and private executors;
  • Appeal to law enforcement agencies.

We guarantee an individual approach to solving your problem situation and provide effective support of the case with a problem asset, regardless of the creditor you or the debtor.