A thorough knowledge of the special requirements of Ukrainian legislation to foreign companies in our country, will ensure successful legal support and service of non-respondent companies.

Complex of legal services:

  • Advising on the creation of companies with foreign participation in Ukraine;
  • Registration or termination of the representation of a foreign company in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Legal support of various types of investment projects with the participation of non-residents (purchase of shares, corporate rights, real estate, land, property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.);
  • Advising foreign companies on corporate, banking, tax, labor, customs, criminal legislation of Ukraine;
  • Structuring transactions in order to identify negative tax consequences and minimize tax risks;
  • Development of effective schemes for tax planning of business activities and investment projects;
  • Registration of a loan agreement with a non-resident party in the management of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Provision of legal opinions and consultations;Protection of interests of foreign companies in courts of all instances and jurisdictions.
  • Thanks to LEZO LAW Company you can be sure of the legality of doing business in Ukraine.