Specialists of LEZO LAW Company will provide high-quality corporate management of your business. We will build a functioning system of relations between investors of the company, its managers and other stakeholders in order to eliminate legal risks and balance of interests of all participants in corporate relations.

Services within the framework of corporate governance:

  • Advising and providing legal opinions on the choice of the optimal organizational and legal form of doing business depending on the wishes of the client;
  • Development of optimal corporate structure for business management;
  • Analysis of the aspects of taxation, currency control and antimonopoly regulation, depending on the legal form of legal entity;
  • Development of corporate agreements;
  • Development of internal documentation (regulations, instructions, rules, corporate policies, etc.);
  • Advice on the distribution of shares, the order of formation of the authorized capital, structure and competence of management bodies;
  • Development of constituent documents of legal entities of all organizational and legal forms, making changes to the latter;
  • Preparation and holding of meetings of founders, participants and shareholders;
  • Protection of the rights of investor, shareholder, participant, etc .;
  • Preparation and legal support of transactions related to alienation / acquisition of corporate rights;
  • Legal audit of a counterparty of a future agreement related to alienation / acquisition of corporate rights;
  • Participation in negotiations with business partners, investors, etc .;
  • Development and application of legal mechanisms for the protection of commercial secrets of the company;
  • Representation of interests of the company, participant, shareholder in front of all state bodies;
  • Legal support for resolving corporate conflicts through mediation.
  • Legal support for resolving corporate conflicts in courts.

We will help you to choose the optimal organizational and legal form for your business, build a functioning and legally protected system of corporate relations in the company, and in case of a corporate conflict, protect your interests in court.