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LEZO is a law firm created by ambitious and practicing lawyers, specializing in dealing with problem assets of various categories of complexity, settling disputes at the pre-trial stage (mediation), and legal support for business activities.


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LEZO LAW Company - your personal legal doctor, who protects your rights and interests, and, if necessary, promptly and effectively eliminate the legal problem of any difficulty level.

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Справедливі змагання
Справедливі змагання

Сьогодні з питанням судових витрат знайомий кожен юрист. Наші колеги, асоційований партнер АО LEZO Богдан Масеха та помічник юриста Сергій Савинський, розповіли читачам газети «Судовий вісник» про те, які документи адвокати мають подавати до суду, щоб відшкодувати судові витрати на користь клієнта. Юристи проаналізували судову практику, яка є неоднозначною, а інколи діаметрально…

Проверка на личности
Проверка на личности

Спеціально для видавництва Юридична Практика асоційований партнер, адвокат Богдан Масеха та помічник юриста Сергій Савинський розповідають про існуючі ризики для бізнесу під час укладення угод з недобросовісними контрагентами. Про те як їх уникнути, мінімізувати та відстояти позицію одної з сторін правочину в суді у разі подання позову про недійсність угоди, на підставі, начебто, перевищення повноважень підписантом…

Інтерв’ю Наталії Федик
Інтерв’ю Наталії Федик

Керуючий партнер LEZO LAW Company Наталія Федик надала інтерв’ю виданню 50 провідних банків України, в якому розповіла про основну спеціалізацію компанії – спори за участю банків. Наталія наголосила на збільшенні судових спорів за участю Фонду гарантування вкладів фізичних осіб, повідомила про актуальну судову практику у банківських й фінансових спорах, а також поділилась ефективними механізмами для…

What our clients say


Olga Prosyanyuk Legal Company LEZO LAW Company is a qualified and reliable partner of AVER LEX Law Firm, with whom we cooperate in economic and civil affairs. Together with the lawyers of the company we exchange experience, analyze the problem points of legislation and judicial practice.

Olga Prosyanyuk

Керуючий партнер АО AVERLEX

Lawyers of the company repeatedly successfully represented the interests of PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk reinforcing plant” in courts of all instances and jurisdictions. Moreover, the lawyers team successfully defended the interests of the company in the state executive service.

LEZO’s responsible approach and creativity has helped many times to defend the legal position of the plant in complex disputes. At the same time, LEZO LAW Company lawyers carried out a legal audit and accompanied a number of business contracts of PJSC Ivano-Frankivsk Reinforcement Plant, which minimized our legal risks and made it impossible to appeal such agreements in court.

Lawyers of the company find the mechanism for solving any legal problem in the shortest possible time and with maximum quality. We recommend LEZO LAW Company for business and entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Shilyuk S.V.

Голова Правління ПрАТ «Івано-Франківський арматурний завод»

Our intellectual property rights are securely protected, as full legal support for our rock band is carried out by professionals from the LEZO LAW Company law firm.

As we have repeatedly said at all our concerts, all legal issues are solved by LEZO company, because we do not have legal disadvantages.

Tanchinets S.V.

Фронтмен гурту «БЕЗОБМЕЖЕНЬ»

Every day, in our business processes, there are issues that require qualified legal support, with which LEZO team of lawyers works perfectly.
The law firm advises on the current business activities of the firm, construction and real estate, land legal relations, banking and finance law. This list can be continued for a long time. In our opinion, LEZO LAW Company is the best legal counsel to the business.

Voytukhov D.E.


The format of cooperation in the form of subscriber service fully justifies our expectations. Attorneys at LEZO LAW Company constantly develop non-standard contracts and accompany the signing of all transactions of the company. LEZO lawyers, if necessary, successfully protect our interests in the courts.

With such legal support, we are calm for our business. We are grateful for the provision of services and further cooperation.

Belan N.S.


The lawyers of LEZO LAW Company in 2017 represented the company’s interests in the Economic Court of Khmelnytskyi Oblast, which resulted in the dispute being settled voluntarily. LEZO LAW Company is also a legal adviser in the current economic activity of a commodity pig farm, which protects the farm from possible unlawful actions by counterparties. We appreciate the professionalism and competence of lawyers and lawyers of the company.

Zelenuy S.M.

Директор ТОВ «Подільський Бекон»

Specialists repeatedly professionally advised both the company as a whole and its officers separately. Provided their services in the areas of civil, economic, financial, labor and criminal law. Every company practice is creative and responsible. Thank you for the speed and quality of the services provided. We still continue the cooperation.

Laptev O.A.


An excellent legal counsel in matters of the company.

Repeated legal advice is always supported by relevant judicial practice, which enables you to understand not only the position of lawyers on a problematic and non-standard question, but also the position of courts in case of litigation. Each individual legal advice is prompt, clear and reasoned.

Thanking companies for the legal services provided and very satisfied with the cooperation!

Radko R.S.


The lawyers of the company repeatedly helped our joint stock company to choose the right legal way of solving a particular business issue. I can safely say that LEZO legal advice helps to choose the right strategy for negotiating with contractors, and be sure of their victory in case of possible litigation.

I recommend LEZO LAW Company as a trusted legal advisor.

Barabash I.A.

Директор ПрАТ «С.В.Т.А»

The safety of any business necessarily requires the presence of qualified lawyers, which are lawyers of LEZO. Their professionalism has repeatedly helped us in solving difficult situations. If your business needs legal protection, then you contact us at the address.

Pleshakov O.S.


LEZO LAW Company is a law firm that quickly and constantly finds ways to solve any legal problem. I like the creative approach to each particular situation. We continue to cooperate in the subscription service format.

Surzhenko O.V.

Директор ТОВ «Ріальто Резіденс»

LEZO is a brand that symbolizes quality legal services. LEZO lawyers have been accompanying and continuing to accompany many “legally complex” company projects. Legal audit and legal advice at the highest level. We work with lawyers on outsourcing. With confidence, I can say that this is a team that protects the client in any, even the most difficult situations.

Pilipenko E.U.

Керівник ТОВ «Компанія з управління активами «АКТИВ-ІНВЕСТ»
The team that wins even where opponents are playing against the rules

Our team

Fedyk Nataliia

Fedyk Nataliia

Lead Partner

The head of a company, a lawyer, specializes in mediation, banking, financial, antimonopoly and corporate law. Fedyk Nataliia has repeatedly received national and international recognition among the legal community and has more than 14 years of experience in the legal field, 8 of whom are in senior positions. Education: Lviv…

Agafonov Andriy

Agafonov Andriy

Head of the Department of Legal Support for Distressed Assets

Lawyer Agafonov Andriy has 8 years of practical experience in the field of law. Specializes in providing legal assistance in economic, civil, corporate, labor, administrative disputes. During the years of practical activity, Andrii represented clients in more than 250 litigation in instances of all levels and jurisdictions, providing quality and effective…

Mazur Serhii

Mazur Serhii

Head of the Department of Legal Support of Private Capital Management

Specializes in business advisory and contractual work. A specialist in the areas of Compliance (legal risk management), Due diligence (legal audit) and intellectual property. Lawyer, representing clients in court. Experience: Serhii Mazur has experience in the maintenance of many non-standard transactions, including with non-residents: legal audit and support of conclusion of…

Masekha Bohdan

Masekha Bohdan

Head of the Department of Legal Practice and Legal Support of Business Business

Masekha Bohdan has over 6 years of legal experience. Specializes in legal support of business activities, representation of business interests in courts of all instances, including in bankruptcy, state executive service and private enforcement agencies. Key Practices: Commercial Law and Process, Civil Law and Process, Administrative Law and Process, Banking and…

Stepanchuk Inna

Stepanchuk Inna

Head of Department of Corporate Governance

Has 10 years of experience in the field of law. Specializes in the preparation of corporate documents (founding treaties, statutes, protocols, regulations, memorandums, etc.), has considerable experience in acquiring and terminating ownership of a business stake; advises on capitalization of financial institutions, acquisition / increase of significant participation in financial…

Zyuzina Tatiana

Zyuzina Tatiana

Senior lawyer

Has 10 years of experience in the field of law. Practiced land law as a part of the organs of the State Geocodist of Ukraine. Has significant practice in maintaining economic activity of agroholdings. Specializes in the practice of land law and real estate: realization of complex legal audit of…

Babenko Anastasiya

Specializes in counseling individuals / legal entities and contractual work. Experience: registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs; preparation of amendments to constituent documents and their state registration; development of labor contracts for enterprises; maintenance of economic activities of legal entities (conclusion of contracts of sale, supply, contract and other…

Fedyk Kristina

Fedyk Kristina

Junior lawyer

There is a young specialist in the field of civil and criminal law. Experience: Practiced in the courts and the administration of justice. He provided legal services at the Legal Clinic (free legal aid to the population), which was created at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, where he gained…

Plahotnya Alla

Plahotnya Alla

HR Director

Has 15 years experience in personnel management. Carries out administrative and personnel management of personnel. Co-ordinates the issues of labor relations and controls the internal processes in the company. He is involved in raising the professional level of the personnel, organizes participation in seminars, trainings, exhibitions. Education: Cherkasy National University…

Parkhomenko Vasily

Parkhomenko Vasily

Financial Advisor

Has 20 years of experience in finance, 15 of them in management positions. Is an advisor to a financial company, chief accountant of the company. Education: Highest economic Kyiv State University of Trade and Economics. Higher Education. Specialist

Povetiev Igor

Povetiev Igor


Carries out the orders of employees of the company. Focused on building administrative processes and assisting in the current issues of the manager.

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